Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm going to say some heretical things about some people who have reached cult status in the online knitting community. I am speaking of Lime & Violet who are among The Most Linked To podcasters around (I used to have one of their buttons on my page). *WARNING* This is a personal opinion only and should not encourage anyone to flame me. I find their podcasts inane. I sometimes find myself far into their chatter and there is no knitting content at all. They seem to find whatever the other says as hilarious and dissolve into fits of giggles, and I'm sorry I don't see what's so funny. You had to be there? I really don't care about the husband's out of tune ukulele or the creepy sales person. It's supposed to be about knitting. I know one of them has breast cancer. You know, I know an awful lot of women who are much closer to me that have breast cancer (or worse) and I don't feel the need to go into gorey detail. My mother died of breast cancer so you cannot say I don't care. Brenda has so far the only knitting podcast that I find worth the effort. You can tell she's thought seriously about the content of her podcast and doesn't sit in front of a microphone gabbling and giggling. She's gone through her own health issues but has kept the background info out of the podcast and on her blog (which has lots in it as well). I have my health issues as well, but then I have a semi-unusual condition and I am not here to toot any horn, but to communicate with people I know. Any others who are interested are welcome but I try to keep the private information away from fibre talk which is supposed to be the main topic here.

Therefore, I will not go into details about where I will be going on Thursday through Sunday except it involves our potential tree-change to country Victoria. My main concern is getting the Bear to actually make a decision about anything. Two Libras are a bad combination for making big decisions! I am taking sock wool and my silk spindle. There has been so much going on here that I am really tired and need a re-group. Having waited till the last minute to decide to actually go hasn't helped. I made blackberry jam last night and even indulged in a bowl of berries and cream. Before we leave I have another batch of pickles and some spiced pear jam to create before the fruit goes soggy.

A note on what passes for a LYS. I went to it to buy buttons for J's cardigan. It is the local branch of one of the major chain of fabric and general sewing and craft items. They added knitting materials not too long ago but their range is limited, and aside from their own labelled yarns, they usually carry Katia. On this trip, as usual, half of their bins were empty, a lot of yarn was on sale and every single bit was acrylic. There is also some yarn at the back of a local (very small) department store which carries both the basics (Patons, Cleckheaton, etc.) and some fascinating Italian yarns at fantastic (i.e., yikes!) prices. I try to regularly trawl their sale bins to pick up bargains, but I am not buying yarn. Read the button.

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Mandie said...

What a pity I didn't poke my nose in here before you left for Victoria - I'm a little over an hour from where you're headed.
It would be wonderful if your tree-change came to fruition :-)