Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here we had all the signs of a good rain. Lots of thunder, dark clouds, a heavy rainfall cell on the radar a few clicks away and we got 5 minutes of rain and now the sun is out. There's still distant thunder so here's hoping it turns into more than a sprinkle.

I woke up this AM with a leg (the left of course, my "problem" leg that is an inch longer than my right) in agony. I thought it was all joint but as I lay there and tried relaxing and analyzing it, I felt muscle tightness as well. Too much standing yesterday when I cup up veggies for another batch of pickles? Whatever, I am not going to make pickles today. They can sit in brine another day without any problems.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to sit on the bed and get my spinning logbook up to date. I bought a lever arch binder, page protectors, and card stock at Officeworks and had put a few entries in. Today I dumped out the bag of locks of fibre and started trying to recognize them. Hmm. Went to the yarn stash to take samples of finished wool. Gosh, I have a lot of handspun and boy have I improved. There is plenty for another 2 jumpers for the Bear and I also am looking at yarn with different eyes regarding blending yarns. Turns out the 3 skeins of Noro match my 2 skeins of Dragon Hair and another I can't remember now. I cut samples of spun yarn and matched them to baggies of fibre. Some I have the spun yarn and the original fibre but I am totally lost about where and when I bought it. Probably the majority came from Bendigo or online but from whom I can't say. I must get better at documenting things because there really is a progression in my spinning and now that I'm spindle spinning and doing exotic fibers it's even more important. BTW, wound off another cop of camel down last night. Am busy knitting socks while deciding whether to try and squeeze in another summer thing for me or start the Bear's next jumper. The socks are a Regia cotton/wool mix in cream with stripes of yellow, green, and rust.

The cleanup yesterday involved getting more pamphlet boxes sorted out, and covered in holographic red book covering paper. They make kids here buy their own books at school and therefore they can put sticky Contac-paper like stuff on them. Most of what was available in Officeworks was Bratz and other kids' stuff so I was stuck with red and silver holographic. After years of doing pamphlets at the NLA, I have LOTS of pam boxes.

The sweet young lady across the street seems to have moved out and the guys are in cleaning it up. I will not miss her, her screaming at her kids, her kids crying all the time, her various men in their hoonish cars with loud stereos. The turnover is really fast over there. I don't think anybody has been there over 6 months.

I finally finished the door-stop sci-fi I was reading (Kevin Anderson', Saga of the Seven Suns) and have started Peter Corris's latest Cliff Hardy which will then be mailed off to a friend in the US. BBB is still His Majesty's Spanish Flock.

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