Friday, February 02, 2007

Knitter's review (link to the right) has a news article this week about a new show at New York's Museum of art and design (another thing to add to my list of places to visit) called "Radical lace & Subversive knitting" This show apparently includes the knitting done on telephone poles (by Dave Cole) with heavy machinery which was illustrated in one of the back issues of either Knitters or Knits. I would love to see the whole show and I hope somebody out there in blogland goes and reviews it further. I found the KR review interesting because of the interaction between knitters and non-knitters. Some of this stuff is very mind opening and some is just why? to me. The miniature mittens are a rare feat but why? This all goes back to me traditionalist, pragmatic side.

I am at a distinct disadvantage today and should get off this machine immediately because of the wasp sting. I got bit right on the knuckle of my right index finger and it is quite swollen and sore. Better than it was yesterday, but I react badly to insect bites in general. Not allergic-type reactions, but more swelling and pain than most people; insects who can bite find me instantly and bite me. Since I have been exhausted all week, I should take a nap anyway. I have a painted ceiling and a cleaned rug so now all I have to do is pack up my bits and pieces and get the carpet people in to measure for new.

I finished the Bear's grey striped socks (they are so boring I won't take a picture) and have cast on some Regia cotton for me that is cream with stripes of yellow, green and red. I hope I get them finished before winter sets in. If anyone cares, I have healed my iPod and submitted to the automatic update feature of the latest version of iTunes which I'm not sure I like (I am a control freak in disguise). Said automatic update feature gave me no option to update stuff that had been added via the main computer and therefore I lost all the old stuff. I have been gradually reloading it but be warned out there iPods can die or get seriously ill causing wiping of their memories. Be prepared.

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