Saturday, February 03, 2007

I have made a rather rash promise to the Bear that aside from the fleeces currently being processed (I hope) at Wooly Knob I will buy no more fiber this year. Oh. Does that mean I can't got the wool show in Bendigo? Hmm. Some negotiation will be called for. The declaration was prompted by the postie bringing me a package consisting of 8 oz of CVM (California Variegated Mutant). See photo at right. It feels middling in softness and is sort of milky tea coloured. He was fascinated with the idea of mutant sheep but they look pretty normal to me. I started spinning on the Roberta again last night after picking up the gazillion stitches needed for the button band on the cardigan (I am being naughty and doing it before sewing the sleeves in so it won't be so hot and/or heavy in my lap). I have no buttons yet but hope to remedy that tomorrow. What I started spinning was Blue Faced Leicester and I think I'm in love. I'm so glad I have 2 pounds of undyed roving, plus some hand-dyed, in the stash and a whole fleece being processed because this is seriously yummy fibre. Long staple with a slight sheen to it and so very soft. Not at all what I have come to expect from something with "Leicester" in its name. Given the length of the staple I am able to spin it finer than other things, or maybe all that practice on spindles has helped. I don't know and don't care because I am in love.

Since we are now in Feb., I started re-visited the real estate agents for the Bendigo region and I found a few potential blocks of land, but I stress few. Most of the vacant land was lots in new subdivisions with town water (which is not such a good thing in Bendigo as I think they are on level 7 water restrictions). We need to go over the atlas and find the names of towns in the areas we are interested in and not hope to fall on them through a Bendigo based real estate agent. I have been saying at least once a day to the immovable object that this year is not too early to buy land if we find some that fills the bill.

My wasp-stung finger is better (not very red or hot) but still somewhat swollen. There is thunder but we had thinder all day yesterday and no rain.

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