Saturday, January 24, 2009

The word for today is humidity. We have had a series of thunderstorms pass through and the last one left its moisture behind and the humidity went up to (for us) a shocking 60%. Boy, my joints hurt. I could barely walk. As I have been sitting here wasting time online the humidity has dropped to 42% and I feel much better. This is one reason why I love Canberra most of the time. The cockatoos that have been screaming since daybreak are not one of the reasons. I found out I was blaming the wrong parrot for decimating my pears; it was the big white ones who were eating them green, not the rosellas.

Since it has been too hot to knit anything but socks (Regia Bambu), I have been spinning and carding alpaca. I have a bag full of fluffy white clouds to spin, but not while sitting in front of a fan. I am plying Susan's Clematis Vine Targhee and will probably go back the the Bendigo purple after that, since it's out and waiting for a matching bobbin to ply. I do love spinning. Since the forecast is for over 30C for the next week, I don't think I will be knitting on CAW.

While I continue to be on a yarn diet despite the lovely fibre cast up on my computer screen, I have bought 2 books in the past 2 months. One is Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. All but a handful of her knits are top down, and if I weren't already consumed with top-down-desire, this book would make me want to jump right in. (not till it gets cooler) Every design also has some nifty and unusual kink to it, some are decidedly retro, others have unusual details. I am a big fan of Saddle A-line and Slinky Ribs. I haven't tried a scoop neck on and don't know how they'd look on me. The cover design is a Scandinavian style yoke sweater that's been steeked from the neck down and laced back up. Radical, babe.

The second book is Continuous Cables by Melissa Leapman. You know anything Melissa designs is wonderful and her last was Cables Untangled, which I can't remember whether I own or not. Anyone who has read this blog knows I am a cable addict. This book has both wonderful patterns and a stitch dictionary of cables at the back. I'd love to knit the Stowe Cabin Throw Rug but I have a feeling the Imp would disintegrate it quick smart (as she attempts to do with the cheap Oriental throw rug in the entryway on a daily basis). The Tweed Hoodie and the Swirl pullover are both yummy and the Tweed Boyfriend Sweater would suit me too, without a boyfriend to give it to.

The Imp nearly gave me a heart attack earlier in the week when I came back from picking blackberries in the back yard and found the front door blown open. I called and called and went all though my yard and next door's (who are away) and was about to write her off as lost. I sat down on the front porch, close to tears, and called and called. I heard a sound like metal scratching on something and there she was. I think she used one of the grills they place in foundations here to prevent dampness under houses to go to the dark side. What is it with under the house? She's now all excited when I try to go out the front and has to be sternly addressed, sometime pushed away and sometimes locked behind the bi-fold doors to the kitchen.

I did stay up to watch the inauguration Weds morning (our time) and was so blown away with the crowds on the Mall. One of the CBS commentators said the shot of the day was a wide shot of the Mall with flags waving vigorously. Whole families, people who wanted to be there because this was History which a very emphatic capital H. I thought Obama read his speech too fast for the audience to absorb it but he may have been cold. Fortunately the next day was an off day for me so I slept all morning. Certainly a more impressive spectacle than the newly formed cabinet being sworn in by the Governor General. Another example of the US being a nation of the people. Lots of folks I know here either stayed up or watched the replay, which was probably the first time most of them saw the process.

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