Saturday, January 10, 2009

I may have said this before, but I have come to the conclusion that Australia doesn't have a climate, just random events of weather. The middle of this week, we were gripped in a spell of 36C and I went back into the routine of closing up the house as soon as the sun got on it, and keeping it closed until the outside temperature dropped below the inside (about 26C). Then two successive fronts went through in a matter of a day and it plunged to 18C and I was glad I hadn't ever taken the wool blanket off the bed. What effect this has on my poor garden I don't know, because everything is so pitiful this year. I will be lucky to get a cucumber by February, and because tomatoes only set fruit within a certain temperature range, I don't know if I will see any of them. I have been weeding and fertilizing and watering, but it may be a lost cause. The snails ate my rhubarb seedling.

I have been experimenting with "social networking" and have joined a couple of sites looking for somebody with the same interests but so far have come up pretty empty. Most of the sites are geared towards teenagers and while us golden oldies are there, the population is low and I have no idea whether I have anything in common with these folks. I did get an invitation to join a group of over 50 Italians, so maybe I can talk about cooking with a real Italian (great for a diet). Speaking of which, in my diet of fish and veggies, I got to try fresh sardines from the markets yesterday and all I can say is yum. Grilled, they were a treat, but the Imp didn't think so. Fussy, isn't she? She's now eating Science Diet instead of nice fresh sardines.

I spent time in the studio yesterday and unloaded the top of the workspace from all the accumulated stuff that had landed on it am ready to see if there is room to shift it down the wall to gain access to the Big Loom. If not I will have to completely rearrange furniture which I am not looking forward to.
I really just want to get access to the table loom and my sewing machine so I can hang the curtains in the dining room. The original lace curtains (which were there when we bought the house 15 years ago) have more holes than is decent (UV damage) and I bought very plain continuous curtaining to replace them but I still need to hem them.

Cables After Whiskey is up to the neck shaping! I only hope I have enough yarn for the sleeves...

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spinpygora said...

Thanks for the blog post! Wow, I'm coming here to read your blog when the snow and winter have me down. Cucumbers? I wish! All the garden talk has brightened my day a bit.