Sunday, January 18, 2009

This blog seems to becoming weekly, but not by design. We had another blast from the central desert this week with a few days of 37C and this time it didn't cool off at night. It was pretty miserable and one could do is sit in front of a fan. The Imp became very flat and sprawled out on the lino. So I didn't do much either, went into work later, came home later, to avoid the hot box of the house. I also had the stitches removed from my scalp and now only have a scab (so I'm told since I can't see it). I spent way too much money getting my knees X-rayed before I see the orthopedic surgeon. But if his fee is too high, I will have to postpone the surgery until the super mess is sorted out. I do not want to hit my savings any more.

This week it seems to be fibro fatigue that is hitting, perhaps because of the heat. I just get so sleepy and intend on taking a short nap, but end up sleeping all afternoon. I feel like I'm sleeping my life away, which is why I am not accomplishing the things I want to. The only progress on the fibre front is that I have spent the last two evenings carding alpaca. This is more to do with removing stuff from the dining room table than anything else, but I do want to spin some more, because I gave the bulk of what I had spun the BFLB. I have finished spinning the 4 oz of Clematis Vine colourway Targhee from Susan and I think it will turn out to be a firm and bouncy yarn and good for socks. I always like my spun fibre to rest a few days before I ply it or take it off the bobbin. It may be an old spinner's tale that it helps to do this, but maybe I just like looking at the bobbins while they are resting. It's been too hot to have the entire front of a wool jumper in my lap to knit.

I got caught up (almost) with Weavecast and Syne has had some outstanding interviews. She had the incredible luck to interview Peter Collingwood shortly before he passed away. He was such a towering figure in the weaving community and altho I will probably never weave rugs (altho I'd like to) his book on rug weaving covers much more than that topic. Syne does a great job putting the podcast together and she deserves any help you can give her so if you can spare a few dollars, it would definitely go to a good place.

As any of you who read this blog regularly will know, I am a podcast junkie. I currently have about 150 podcasts on my iPod, covering everything from science to cooking to weaving to society. I listen at work, I sometimes listen in the car but that's sometimes awkward if I'm stopping and starting, and I listen at home while I do housework. It's almost like reading while you do something mindless but necessary with your hands. I listen to a lot of public radio: ABC Radio National, NPR and the BBC. Sometimes I can't imagine life before the iPod.

I think I've solved The Imp's fussy eating problem. It turns out she adores kangaroo, even the stuff that's been marinated in herbs and garlic. She has inhaled the first batch I put down, asked for more, ate that and asked for more again. She's lucky that the was the only red meat I had in the house, and I'm lucky that I finally found something she will eat.

I will be up late Tues night/Weds morning to watch the Inauguration. Too bad it's so cold in DC but I remember inaugurations in the freezing cold, even when there had been snow pushed away to get access. This is Important.

And thank you all, whoever you ar for turning the counter over to 13,000 hits. I truly appreciate it and that you find my rambings interesting.

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