Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm cheating by using Farmgirl's technique of the daily dose of cute. One reason there hasn't been much to say is I spent several hours on Saturday ironing with the Imp for company. These are a couple of her poses while I was ironing. When I get reborn I want to come back as somebody's cat. It's gotten cool enough that she sleeps with me all the time and I wake up to a tangle of feet sticking in to me. Last night I was sitting at thw kitchen table and heard her behind me very noisily chewing on something. Since there was nothing edible there, I turned around to find that she had pulled most of the stuffing out of one of her toys and was trying to eat it. I followed a trail of wet fluff back into the living room. Wha?

I am home today because I have no voice. I slept all morning and maybe knocked this on the head before it gets a grip. I have slept very little for several days which is dangerous as it lowers my immune system's ability to fight off random bugs. I cannot have the sniffles or an open cut when I go in for surgery.

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