Monday, March 02, 2009

I had occasion over the weekend to sincerely doubt the wisdom of having my knee replaced. I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep and my leg muscles were screaming. Who cares about the knees when the muscles are in spasms? I really hope that I can make it through this adventure and I am glad I chose the left knee to try first. It's nominally the stronger knee and only really hurts if I twist it (like I did in bed last night). I hope my muscles come to the party and I get through rehab. I've been walking around the outside of the Library on breaks, and doing a little exercise but not to the point of inflaming the joint. Exercise this weekend was taking my new pruning saw to the wisteria and the privets that have sprouted between the fence and the garage (a space about as wide as my hips), so lots of twisting and reaching, but I did not fall, and no joints hurt. Privets are a noxious weed and I will need to dose the stumps with Round-up. I found 2 new monster zucchini so maybe another batch of pickles is in my future.

I called and got confirmation that I could move to rehab after surgery with a referral from my surgeon, and I need to line up a physiotherapist as well. Found a friend of a friend who has all the aids like crutches and the over the toilet lift that I can borrow. I hope The Imp can curb her enthusiasm when I come home from hospital and not use me as a trampoline.

CAW has fallen into the dreaded ditch I have when projects are 75% done. I don't mind the making up, blocking, sewing pieces together, weaving in ends. But when I have the majority of a project done I stall. I will finish it, but right now I'm knitting socks (just cast on the second sock of the Sockotta), and spinning alpaca. The Surgery seems to loom over me even though I have 4 weeks. We are having absolutely stunning weather and it seems a sin not to be outside enjoying it, but one does need a paycheck, even a small one. If anyone cares about the superannuation saga, I await "conciliation" organized by the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. No idea when that happens. I had to do a financial statement and discovered I am living on less than $100 a week for food, petrol, other necessities of life after all the routine bills are paid. No wonder I'm living on credit and my savings are dwindling.

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