Friday, June 13, 2008

Where have I been, I hear you ask. I've been to Brisbane to visit the Bear's sister and brother-in-law. Despite Queensland for the most part denying it's the sunshine state, it was a good visit. I got to spend time with these lovely folks who are now one of the tiny groups who are my family. We got along well, I was stuffed senseless with seafood, and I got to hear some stories about the Bear's life before we met. I also took up to them, because his sister teaches science, the scientific memorabilia he left me. His notebook of data from one of his ballooning trips, and some additional photos. And a box of photos which seem to mostly be from his days in boarding school. And his port cask which was given to him by his friends at ADFA when he left. J&G are wine-lovers so we had long discussions about wine and I brought up 2 bottles which we polished off. G was so impressed by one he went online to buy a case. J tends to bury herself in a book whenever possible so I spent more face time with G, and it turns out we have quite a bit in common. I look forward to more visits up north but not during the summer!

I came home to damp and chilly Canberra and back to work. The girls didn't seem to have minded that I left them, but I had one night with both of them in bed which gets a bit crowded because the Imp turns to acting out to express her resentment of the Senior Cat and I spend most of the night wrestling with her. I am sorely tempted to throw her out some nights but then she'd just scratch at the door. G&J have a male blue Burmese who was much more even and mild tempered than the Imp and even had softer fur. He instantly decided that mine was the lap of preference and hardly left me alone.

I got in the mail from Elann the first yarn I had bought in 18 months: Shibu by Ella Rae which is 90% silk in a boysenberry pink/purple, and Berocco Cotton Twist, both to make sleeveless summer shells. I have been knitting diligently on tho Komi hat and made to the heel of the first sock in Opal puce and white w/black dots while watching Dr. Zhivago with G. By the time I finish this hat I may charge directly into summer stuff.

I took advantage of having access to the Library's free access to Ancestry and found a few bits and pieces more about my mother's side of the family. Still haven't a clue what the D in my grandfather's middle name stands for. His 1930 census entry has my grandmother named at Lottie which is why it is hard to locate and my mother's name is spelled wrong.

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