Thursday, May 29, 2008

All I seem to think about these days is money. I went to a retirement planning seminar at work and they had a few exercises for you to do on budgeting and planning expenses and the reality of losing the Bear's salary became very graphic. I will have to tighten the belt further. Good thing I decided not to get my knees replaced. Fortunately there is nothing I want to buy, not even books. I have enough of all my art materials and books to last me quite a awhile and podcasts are free and that's what I listen to most of the time. I can't afford to retire so I better hope that Lyrica doesn't show any nastier side effects than I've seen so far (nausea). I can easily not pay attention to nausea because it's an old friend with chronic pain. I have an ophthalmologist appointment tomorrow to inspect my retinas for damage and look at my corneal grafts to see that they are OK. I hope I can get a ruling on swimming because I would really like the chance when I go on holiday later this year, and so far I've been under the warning that I shouldn't because the risk of picking up an infection in my eyes is too great.

I've been knitting the Komi hat. 7 repeats of 30 stitches in four-ply colour work. It takes a while to get around 210 red and white stitches. Progress is slow but steady. Nothing else being worked on.

Got new strawberry plants in the mail to replace some that always go to nothing after a few years. I wish I could afford a tree pruner in to take out a few dead trees, and perhaps the monster juniper at the front door which is starting to heave the pavers. But then I'd like to repair the front verandah before somebody falls through it but not without money.

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