Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A few photos to prove I really am making progress on the knitting front. To the right are the Mountain Colors socks, down to the heel on the first. I am a little worried about yardage so made them a tad shorter than what I prefer. Yes, I know I could just have added different yarn to the toes, but the colours of this yarn are so pretty I hate the thought of tacking on something that doesn't match, and I have nothing that comes close to these. Here also is progress on the Sakiori II vest. I only have half of a side panel and the collar to go.

And here is some spinning as well. I got bored spinning yet more white merino. I thought it time I tried to spin some of that washed, carded and very fluffy white alpaca. I've never spun anything but various types of wool and some blended with a bit of mohair, so this is virgin territory. I know alpaca on its own can be very heavy, warm, and has no memory so I am aiming at something fine. I have no idea how it will behave once plied and washed but I hope I produce something usable. It seems pretty soft and the fibres are in the 3-4" range (not the really long stuff I showed before. I have masses of the shorter stuff to card.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: The Imp is missing. I have been having tradesmen in to remodel the horrendous main bath. The cats have been carefully locked up every day. Today the electrician came late, almost at 5. She had been with me to that point and she disappeared under the bed when a strange man entered the house. But he was in and out repeatedly, flipping circuit breakers etc. He always closed the front door but she can be so quick. Now it's getting dark and I've been out calling till my throat is raw and I can't find her. I don't think she's go far and I've alerted the nearest neighbours (who don't have dogs). I am distraught. I can't imagine her gone, she's with me all the time demanding to be petted. She is microchipped but where is she????

UPDATE: she is found!! She made it down under the house through one of the holes in the bathroom floor. Despite all our best efforts to cover every access point she must have found a hole. My dear MIL told me to sit down and eat something and she would come back and when I did I heard her under the house. Getting her out wasn't so easy but she will be incarcerated whenever there is an open hole. Just exploring, Mum.

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rebecca jc said...

Your projects are beautiful. The yarn for the vest looks really soft and yummy. It is nice to be making progress knit wise and home improvement wise. I am glad you did not lose your cat. That would have been a terrible blow.