Friday, May 11, 2007

This has seemed like a long week, despite my spending Tues asleep with a migraine. The one trigger to migraines I haven't conquered (aside from the food triggers like red wine) is weather: a low pressure system will frequently make my head feel like it's splitting open. Fortunately the headaches are only a few times a year unlike the weekly ones I had in my 20's. I've also discovered by downshifting my life, things that didn't used to be stressful, now are. I get anxious in situations that I used to be blase about just because they occur rarely these days. I also don't trust my memory or self confidence the way I used to which always adds a layer of "what essential item have I completely forgotten?" to any activity. While I'm being superficially calm and cheerful, I may be churning underneath. I had the world's worst mannered and obnoxious tradesman in my house yesterday and I should have cut the whole thing short and said, "You are never setting foot in my house again so good-bye" but I was polite and let him babble on and later was so angry the my gut was churning by bedtime. FYI we (which means I) are renovating the main bathroom from its 1970's avocado green splendor to something simple and clean, and only in order to sell the house when the time comes.

I am spinning some fine-weight blend from Copper Moose in a colorway called Del Mar that I no longer can find on their site so I don't know if it has silk in it but I think it does because I wanted to try a silk blend for socks. Copper Moose is a very addictive place and I have bought a lot of fibre from them over the years. They stock such a range of types (i.e. breeds) of wool plus gorgeous colours. The only slight complaint is that sometimes the undyed rovings smell a bit sheepy, which is not something I mind and it goes away with a good airing. I also got some merino & Tencel blend from them to try out for socks. As if I needed more sock yarn, and I also just bought some Crystal Palace Panda Cotton sock yarn from Little Knits because while I won't be knitting cotton socks real soon, it will disappear by the time I want it. I cast on and knit about an inch of ribbing in Trekking for moi in a brownish-tannish-bluey colourway. I know Trekking has superior yardage so I may do ribbed legs which I prefer if I have enough yarn. I also acquired a plying paddle from Down in the Country so I can ply from singles. The Bear insists he likes the colours in the socks I am knitting him while I keep saying, "Are you sure?" because if you added blue to camo, that's what these would be and I can't see him in them. Somehow I got myself talked into bringing in my inkle loom to weaving class next week which means I have to warp it, which I wanted to do anyway, so this is really just a boot in the pants.

I think it's time for a brief lie-down, based on the number of outrageous typos I have made in 2 paragraphs.

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