Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Round 8: We won! And I didn't even watch! I was exhausted after my rounds at the markets and you can tell how tired I was that I didn't even mention the win in my earlier post. I laid down for a nap after household tasks and was awakened by the Bear calling from his conference so I could hear the team sing Cheer Cheer in the lockerroom. I found out later that our local TV affiliate didn't show the first half and I'll bet they get an earful about that. It was broadcast in full on cable but the 7 network has free-to-air rights and they chose not to use them. I can't tell you more about the match than you could read on the Swans website (see link to right) but beating Port brought us up into the 8 which doesn't mean a lot at this point of the season but we should try to stay there. What with West Coast being read the riot act by the AFL about their off field behaviour (including drug use by their star player), beating the second placed side makes a difference.

I promised to review the books I got last week from Amazon so here is the first. I prejudice myself by saying Nancy Bush's earlier book, Knitting on the road, was my sock knitting tutor and Bible for many years so I was hoping this book would be similar. It is and I am delighted. I shall also reiterate that I rarely knit socks to a pattern, but just knit to measure our feet. These socks I could see myself knitting because they are old patterns that are only modernized in that modern yarns, instructions, etc., are used. Otherwise they are socks plucked from truly vintage sources and those folks in the 19th century weren't too wild with their socks, preferring (especially for men) texture instead of the flights of fancy lace that we see so often these days. Thee are some children's socks that include a few lace motifs and of course ladies' silk stockings. As is true for nearly all sock patterns, I would have to modify them since neither the Bear nor I have small enough feet for sock patterns as writ but with texture it's easy to add a repeat or two but with lace that's supposed to flow down into the instep it's a bit more mind work than I am generally up to after a day's work, and at night as well. I have acquired some solid or nearly solid coloured sock wool recently, where a textured pattern would show up. This book is also like Nancy's earlier book in that it is hard bound with spiral insides to lay flat. I have a few vintage knitting patterns that I should look at again for ideas (as if I needed ideas); I collected them because there were a few timeless designs in them, even if in the 1940's they wrote a pattern for women in one size: 32" bust. I also recently got a used copy of Vogue Knitting on the Go Vests, which I think has many possibilities in a small package. The Celtic cabled vest alone would be worth the price as well as several men's and children's vests. I wouldn't mind trying my first fair isle on a vest knit in the round. Less mentally riding on a vest.

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