Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogger is behaving in mysterious ways but I need to get some words down while I still have a dim memory of 2 days ago. This Sunday was the wool festival at the Old Bus Depot Markets. Canberra's markets are so much fun for somebody like me who is more used to sanitized strip malls and not the organized chaos of markets. The Old Bus Depot is a cavernous building that used to be what its name implies but now hosts a Sunday market day. There are regulars like the folks who sell the bunches of proteas and allied flowers. When one has flower-eating cats, you figure out what they won't eat and therefore safe to leave in a vase out for enjoyment. Proteas as pictured apparently do not interest the palates of either cat and this beautiful bouquet cost all of $10 and will last a very long time. (The brown shape at the top of the photo is the Senior cat) Other regulars are the cheese man, the honey sellers, Carol's earrings, the lavender people, etc.

I was singularly unimpressed with the wool turnout. The Victorian coloured sheep folks were there but I have enoguh coloured wool to last me a long time. There were the people who sell socks, the folks from Belissima Cashmere and Signatur Knits who make gorgeous and very expensive knitted garments and kits for same. They seem to have discovered mitred squares and cables to add to their line using expensive yarns like Trendsetter.
I had schlepped a bit and was laden with a 6-pack of weird beer and a beautiful pot from a very nice man from the NSW south coast who had some outstanding crystalline glazes which are one thing I still collect in ceramics. If I limit myself to crystalline glazes, raku, and copper red, I don't get tempted by that much. After buying earrings, I wondered when I would see some fibre. When I turned around I saw the Opal sock yarn lady who had some older patterns at 3 balls for $25. 2 business colours for the Bear and one purple for me. Then I found Glenora Weaving and picked up some silk and some dyes. Their booth was mobbed since they seemed to have the most spinning and weaving supplies as well as tools and some books. Then I found Fibreworks and got some more silk, some more dyes and I was seduced into picking up 2 skeins of lace weight possum and merino, one red and one deep eggplant purple. So soft. I wonder if I could brush my possums in the spring and get something to spin? I might be pushing my luck at that.

For whatever reason. I have been exceptionally tired and in a fair a mount of pain for several days. I have no time to relax and do craft much less clean the microwave, wash towels, balance the checkbook... You get the idea. My boss actually suggested taking a day off and sleeping and catching up so I am taking Thursday off. I have lots of leaves and there are things I need to do during business from asking about building permits in Victoria to getting more bathroom renovation quotes. There is the possibility of a used 8 harness loom lurking as well.

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