Monday, October 20, 2008

The drive up to DC was great and I stopped at the Yarn Barn because BFLB used to work there when Pat was in Delaware. Alladin's cave as it was then and is now. I was a bit naughty but if I am buying stuff I like I'd rather buy it from Pat than a nameless online site. Non-wool sock yarn, a kit I think she knocked the price down to get rid of it because she didn't like the yarn vendor, etc. I am knitting another Opal sock and had almost the leg on one done while watching American TV. I have seen shows I watch at home and the "fast-tracked from the US" makes me all a bit confused as to what I am watching and what I am missing in Australia.

I am sitting in a Days Inn in Poughkeepsie where I have a little time still trying to recover from yesterday before I got out and sightsee. Mandy (the GPS lady; I've decided she went to private school and has an English boyfriend because she uses words like motorway) took me up the west side of the Hudson which I had never seen before and the fall foliage was absolutely stunning. My cheap 1950s motel was right across the road from FDR's home. The weather had changed overnight and I had to wear a cardie and my leather coat just to get out of the door. Rhinebeck was even bigger than when the Bear and I went years ago. The vendors were more and more varied. Some really nice stuff I walked past. My major mistake was buying a huge cone of wool for $10 at the beginning of the trek and having to lug it around. The very nice folks at Wild Fibers minded my bag for me so I could continue. I did meet up with Sheila Bosworth and she remembered me and awarded me "the longest distance traveled" honour. I did stick my head into many vendors' stalls, with whom I have been a customer online, and said hello. By the time I left, some vendors looked sold out; maybe Sunday shoppers will get short shrift. I had my Ravelry button on and lots of people asked me where the meetup was supposed to be and I didn't know either, and I didn't bother trying to find the lunch gathering because I was at the other end of the fairground then. I found cider and real Macintosh apples and fried dough which isn't quite an Ohio State Fair dumbo ear, but as close as I could get. I tried very hard not to overdo and left at 2.30 and went to my motel and put my feet up and napped. Still haven't figured out how to load photos, but I will.

I am now trying to decide, if I have to choose because my feet still hurt, which sight is a must today. I think Eleanor Roosevelt's home. The Culinary Institute of America's restaurants are not open on weekends and I could have gone Friday night but I was too tired. I am OK in my 2 star hotels and will be seeing my sister tomorrow. Please Aussie readers remember I'm now speaking in US time and you'll have to convert it if you want to figure out when I am where.

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