Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here is my next major project, my first fair isle, made from Philosopher's Wool (left) in their pattern Stained glass from Fair Isle Simplified. It will definitely be warm when all that yarn is doubled. I bought it all half price from a vendor in Canada whose name I forget. The other more mindless project will be a saddle shouldered cabled jacket out of plain grey superwash wool. Cables are mindless to me, socks are mindless to me. I've never done any fair isle except some striped socks, which hardly count.

Thank G we are out of our spell of 35C weather. This is the weather we should have had in February when we were freezing. The garden is dried to a crisp as well so I can rip stuff up. If we actually get rain as forecast for Friday I will plant some silverbeet (swiss chard). The pear crop turned out to be a bust because we had bad fruitfly this year and I don't spray the tree. Very few pears were edible except by parrots. I obviously did not paint, so that's next weekend.

I have a guilty confession. I am totally hooked on So You Think You Can Dance (Australian version) and am glued to the TV while it's on (altho my dear MIL may be talking in my other ear). And I think Camilla should have stayed and Rhiannon voted off and I think Henry & Vanessa are more than just partners and I think Henry is sooo sexy and such a good dancer. Do I sound like I'm 16 yet? I watched all of the US version even tho it wasn't live and I didn't cheat spoil anything. I keep telling myself "favourite" not "best" (see above comment on Camilla). Sometimes I'm so jazzed up after the Sunday night show I have a hard time coming down. I've never watch any of these reality type contests except the dance ones, but Ten (network) has me pinned down by this. I am almost glad everything is disappearing over Easter weekend so I can catch my breath.

Hate to blog and run but I am knackered. It's been a while since I worked 2 days in a row (let alone a day with as many authority snafus as I saw today) and I need mindless knitting (Mountain Colors socks OTK) and mindless TV.

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