Saturday, March 24, 2007

Not only is it raining here, it rained on our land this week! Or at least in the nearest "town" all of 5 km distant. Big belt of rain and another expected today. It's amazing how fast it greened uo here after we got rain so I am hoping there might even be a puddle in the dam. It was so nice to see our land listed on the real estate agent's website with "SOLD" under it

I must admit I am processing the filthy fleece again. Not all of it; some did go out as compost/mulch. But it is incredibly soft so I saved what looked like longish bits and am combing with my dog comb before it goes throught the drum carder. This is a case of where I really wished I had a reliable and not pricey processor. It seems that everyone is having the same problem as me with the US processor. Lack of communication doesn't do his reputation any favours.

Yesterday after I got about 2" of split ends cut off my hair, I came home to do some serious gardening which, as usual, involves digging out couch, which is a kind of lawn grass that spreads by runners. It is as pernicious as perrenial rye grass is in Ohio. And it's everywhere, including places I can't use herbicide on, like my strawberry patch and asparagus bed. The only thing that makes it pause is application of undiluted herbicide, and then it will just sprout from somewhere else. I have learned that 2 sprigs of couch next to each to each other are probably from totally unconnected parents. So I dug and dug for about 3 hours and then came in, had lunch and slept. Today my arm and hand are sore. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I'll dig some more.

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