Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I think I'm going to give up knitting. Or stick to my comfort zone (simple patterns with unusual yarns). I have tried to knit the cotton tape lace jacket and couldn't keep the lace right through a single 12 row motif. By row 5 I had mysteriously lost a stitch. Knitting lace in cotton did not help me see what I was doing; it just made it harder to do the stitch manipulations required. And I was halfway down the foot of my Opal socks when I realized I hadn't turned the heel. My brain seems unable to cope with anything demanding concentration. I enjoy spinning so much more. I think I'm going to measure the Bear and start on his new jumper which is out of handspun so I will finally have something to show for my efforts. Why can I do the most complicated cables without raising my blood pressure, but lace just floors me. Is the FMS lack of short term memory, or fibro fog? Maybe I should try another thing I've never done like Fair Isle. I've got about half a bobbin of plied BFL I could wind off and dye. That would lift my spirits. Or knit something small so I can have at least one FO. (Socks don't count as FOs because they are a neverending progect-in-progress)

Someone had this quiz posted to a spinner's group. I can't remember if I have taken it before, but I came out as Shetland wool. I know I took one about knitting needles and came out as bamboo and both are pretty spot on.

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