Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Once again the postie caught me in my nightie this morning, bringing three packages. To the right is my ebay wooden umbrella swift. It is definitely not brand new but also doesn't look very used. It has wooden screws at the base to keep it open and to clamp it to a surface. I still think $49US is a bargain.

One the left are 3 bumps of hand dyed roving. The top is Targhee hand dyed in a colourway called fruit salad. The lower left is BFL and the left is Masham. These 2 came from Etsy Shop All the Pretty Fibers. If you can't tell, I am trying to get out of my colour rut of blues and purples.

The rest of today was spent in the garden, mulching in bare spots, weeding, etc. Hot today and it was tiring work. We found a cockatoo in the plumcot tree last night so removed all remained fruit anywhere near ripe. I dread seeing them in the big plum tree as that means making plum sauce. It isn't what I'd call difficult but takes time and always seems to happen when it's hot. I refuse to surrender my crop to the birds!

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