Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hope to recover with lots of photos. It has been bloody hot since last week, over 30C every day and our weather station says it is now 37C and while that is in the backyard, it is still in the shade. Yesterday I finally got the Christmas tree down while the plasterers were here and now there is room for my rug to be cleaned. This AM I went to the mall and am hence exhausted. I now have a ceiling over my bed and the plasterers insist that they should paint it but I had told the assessor that, because of previous damage and my intent to paint the room anyway, I wouldn't expect the insurance to cover it. We'll see.

Up top is my new spindles stand made of Huon pine by John Reeves (whose web page isn't up yet and he seems to have left etsy). His spindles (which I haven't tried yet) are at the 10 o'clock and the 4 o'clock positions, my Kundert is right in front with sock wool on it and the 2 Bossies that are home are in the middle. The birds eye maple featherweight is at work for spinning
with silk on breaks. John is the only spindle maker I have found in Australia and he uses great Aussie hardwoods. Huon pine is so beautiful. I have a turned bowl and a rolling pin (which I have never used because it's too pretty) made from it. Only grows in Tasmania.

To the top left is the first skein of dragon hair. I have never spun anything like this as it was a carded batt (I think there is a photo in the archives) of ll different sorts and colours of fibres with sparkly angelina in it. I generally am not a sparkly person but you have to try something different. There may be enough to knit Princess A a Christmas present.

To the right below you have what arrived yesterday from BFLB: 2 skeins of delicious Mountain colors sock wool and 2 sets of size 1 bamboo DPNs. Quarantine opened it no doubt because of those funny pointy sticks. Might be drugs.

To the left above are the 3 bags full of roving that arrived yesterday, in front is Blue Faced Leicester, to the left back is wensleydale and the other is Jacob, the latter two from Copper Moose and the BFL came from All the Pretty Fibers on etsy. The wool in the middle, still attached to a sheep is no longer attached and it is also BFL (lamb) from Beechtree Farms. The fleece has been sent to Wooly Knob for processing and I should get 5 pounds of roving out of it.

No joy yet with my iPod but there seems to be a market for fixing iPod problems that Windows corrupted.

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