Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two lots of ebay Tussah silk roving arrived yesterday, one coral rose and the other turquoise/purple/blue. Spinning silk is another thing I intend to learn on the spindle. Meanwhile I am still spinning camel down. I even took it on a fire drill the other day and had a few moments of spinning instead of wasted time standing around in a car park. I try to spin a little after my lunch as well. It's still going to take a long time to spin 100 gms of camel down. It's like fluff with no staple that I can see.

Four more bags of fleece have been washed. I think I'll start to card some of what has been washed. I started out with almost 2 kg of raw fleece, so there is plenty to go around and I think I'll overdye it when spun.

My new BBBB is His Majesty's Spanish flock
: Sir Joseph Banks and the merinos of George III of England by H. B. Carter. I am increasingly interested in the agricultural side of sheep and why and how they have been bred and used through time. The beginning of this book covers the state of the English wool industry in the 18th century, which is not one of those things I know a lot about but ties in nicely with the breed swap being done through the spinning list. In doing my research for that I found that Karakuls, about which there is an article in this issue of Wild Fiber, are quite well represented in WA. Perhaps they mistake it for Uzbekhistan.

I have been spending a great deal of time and angst thinking about buying a new (or newer) car. There is nothing inherently wrong with my current car except that it is 8 years old and I want more safety features and things like power windows. I am due to test drive a new car tomorrow but I am currently leaning towards getting a newer Corolla with more bells and whistles. I have the primp up the old one before I can cross that bridge but I have already given it new tires and have it booked for service. Of course, just at this point in time I manage to encounter a pole in the NLA car park and shatter the plastic cover on the front turn signal.

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rcclive said...

I came across the BBBB in the OSU stacks some years back (oh, the days when one could roam free in the stacks there...), checked it out and read large portions of it. You're right, it is a BBBB, but lots of valuable info. Perhaps it's time to reacquaint myself with it. lc2