Monday, November 20, 2006

If you happen to read my blog in the past few days or this week, the weather pixie should have clued you in to the fact that summer has suddenly arrived. When I just looked it was 31C and 10% humidity. Welcome to summer in the nation's capital. This was the reason I didn't do something garden wise I meant to on the weekend, but instead bribed the Bear into moving his power-tool table/workbench out of the dining room by cleaning out the garage which was on my to-do list for some time. It was too hot to be out in the sun any way. I tried again to plant stuff on Sunday and it was even hotter so I retreated until the garden was mostly in shade. The possums are eating the tips off the berry branches so they got a spray of animal repellant. I eventually replaced 2 tomatoes that the frost killed and planted a few climbing limas. This is a trial run. Climbers are the only ones I can get here and let's hope they are edible when young, not just as dried beans. Another larger planting will follow as will replacing the cucumbers that succumbed to the last frost. How can you go from frost to 30C in the space of a week? The peas are over, the asparagus is done but strawberries are in and some of the "mixed berries" in prime territory are even starting to redden up.

I started knitting one of the sleeves for J's cardigan, knit some on the Bear's grey sox and spun some dragon hair. The inkle loom is warped (photo to follow) but I'm having trouble opening the shed because the wool wants to stick to itself. Research into methods to mitigate this problem is underway; apparently it is a common problem.

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