Friday, July 14, 2006

There is an absolutely wonderful spinning tutorial on FiberLife which says everything I wish I had been told when learning to spin. I am in a rut of wanting to spin much more than I want to knit and I have this cardigan that I promised somebody I'd knit. I pull it out and knit on it for about 45 minutes and then am lured back to the wheel. Maybe I need to hide the wheel or something.

The Bear has done all the comparison shopping on a new sewing machine and we will get one when we go to Melbourne next week. A Brother that of course does all sorts of fancy stitches I will never use, but also has one step buttonholes and a drop in bobbin. My cheap Singer was OK 15 years ago and I have a vintage Singer in a bentwood case but that is only for quilting. I bought it for $20 in a yard sale and had it refurbished.

It was agreed by all concerned at work that the stuff I am working on now is Important and therefore more valuable than cataloguing the bloody pamphlets. Thank G, because it's much more interesting and rewarding to untangle a mess and sort out a whole bunch of Real Books instead of cataloguing political pamphlets and teaching aids that clutter up the pamphlets and may be Important fram a Knowledge view but cleaning up Book Messes makes our existing material truly available to the reader and frees up shelf space which we desperately need. I am basically trawling the stacks looking for stuff that has been given a geographical Dewey ending and looking for the magic 994 which is Australia. I am up to 331

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