Sunday, July 02, 2006

A short post because I can't stand not to tell the world about my newest pet, pictured at left. A Nikon D50 digital SLR. Both of us did a lot of research on various Nikon digital cameras (I am a Nikon loyalist from way back for their quality) and had a list of 3 potentials with an idea of prices before we headed off. I had seen a Nikon SLR at Hardly Normal the last time we were in but I didn't notice what model it was but did note the price ($1000). Turns out that that was one of the models we were looking for. The compact camera we looked at was just so small and hard for me to operate. I can't see miniscule buttons or mouse print that is crammed onto a compact camera. My old camera was a Kodak 3MGP with a very crappy flash and was very slow to respond. Once the staff at HN put batteries in the D50 I turned it on and instantly took a photo of the Bear that was better than anything I had ever taken with the old camera and I hadn't even read the instructions yet. Plus it was so fast it was practically instaneaous. The price was equal to what I would have paid at any discount joint, or even my old favourite camera shop 42nd Street Photo, which where I ordered everything in the States. I have a zoom lens (and my old lenses may fit this), it's light, comes with rechargeable lithium batteries, takes the same flash card as the Kodak, does wonderful close-ups (couldn't do any with the Kodak). So, I am happy as a pig in mud and you will all get lots more of MY photos and not those copied from elsewhere.

Round 13: It was not a pretty match and they looked very flat in all too many places but the Swannies beat Fremantle last night at home at the SCG. Barry Hall was double-teamed and maybe (if I can think deviously as Roosy might) he was put up front to draw Freo players away and actually give Hally a rest while other people played harder. Mick finally stood up and did well and there were stand-outs from McVeigh and Schneider. The sour note was Crouchy broke his record for number of successive matches played, but some folks deserved a rest. Ablett, Bevan, and Vogels did well being blooded. For some reason the commentators thought playing Lewis Roberts-Thompson as ruckman an astonishing stroke of brilliance but I can only wonder, why not? He's tall, muscular, has turned out to be a quick learner. Kicking accuracy still not good enough. But a win is a win.

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