Thursday, March 31, 2016

Still trying

Blogger helpfully lost the last post I wrote and I resent having to reconstruct posts because Google changed its its mechanism for loading photos (it did) and their saving system didn't work. Now I got soft-hearted and let the cats in at 1 AM and Max is in the shower howling  and running around in a fit. All because I got tired of barricading myself in my bedroom.  I enjoyed sleeping with them but not when they decided to use me as a racetrack or trampoline at 3 AM. Once I have been awakened at an ungodly hour I have a difficult if not impossible time getting back to sleep. I've had trouble sleeping for 30 years or so and fibromyalgia hasn't help. The cats have the upper hand by diving under the bed where I can't remove them. I get soft hearted because Max is gorgeous and The Imp is very affectionate and wants to cuddle.up.

I wanted the post a photo of my new lounge room with the pale oak laminate flooring, lovely Oriental carpet, new sofa, etc but Google isn't helping so hang in there. I also fell in the kitchen because my leg fell asleep and I have some truly impressive bruises on my left side which are quite painful. Tomorrow I hope to get a visit from my friend/cleaner to hang loads of sheets  and do other cleaning tasks. I have to work on my taxes which alternately scare the c**p out of me simply by reading the instructions, and also realize they don't apply to me. Anything that starts off the " income exceeding $200,000" calms me down because I don't fit in that bracket. Obviously that's what they want, not minnows like me.

My map of my section of Eastchester circa 1910 arrived and I need to find a frame to put it in. I also discovered a book issued for the town's 350th birthday which so far they won't sell over seas so I have deputised J to attempt to purchase it. So much history, so little time! I owe letters to nearly everyone, especially friends from junior high. Must get a** in gear and accomplish something! I did pull out some roving (purple) to sping and some red sock wool for another pair of bed socks for J. If there are friends out there who would like socks, please get if touch unless you are in a hurry. I love knitting socks and I have a huge plastic box of raw material to work with.

It's not 1.40AM and the cats are banished again so I will try sleeping again.

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