Friday, October 14, 2011

Here I am on the almost-eve of my surgery and strangely, even tho I have been longing for the surgery to replace my knee for 5 months, I am consumed with anxiety. I always have increasing panic when waiting for sugery that is scheduled for a future date. I hadn't a twinge when they wheeled me into theatre every other day when I was in hospital. Now that I'm sitting at home waiting for the day to roll around, I've got knots in my stomach. Irrational but that's the way I am. Were the Bear here, I'd be in tears begging to be kept home. Do I actually want to clump around on crutches and/or a frame for any second longer? No, but the thought of surgery makes me frantic. I had such a bad time with the pain management when they put the right knee in the first time that I dread the possibility of not sleeping for 3 days again. I haven't been able to get in touch with my anaesthetist to go over what he thinks he's going to do with me. I have implored my surgeon to make sure my normal medication regime is not changed. I can't do anything more on that except stew. The wound is completely healed, and the rash is almost finished healing. It itches a little.

Otherwise, I read. Steven Saylor's The Judgement of Caesar is one of the series about Gordianus the Finder. This one takes place (so far) in Egypt, almost from the death of Pompey. I find Saylor's Roman novels some of the most readable of its genre. I'm still In Siberia while going to sleep.

I've finished spinning and plying the dark green merino/silk, and am trying to regain use of 2 bobbins by plying a bobbin of white alpaca with white wool. I haven't tried this before and it will turn out a lace-weight yarn. Next out of the box is some hot pink/neon green/turquoise superwash for socks for D. She has been beavering away on socks and likes the most vivid colours. I have almost finished the Noro socks. The yarn is gorgeous for rather harsh on the hands with very little give, making my hands hurt after knitting an inch or so.

I ask again why I write this blog. I know there are a handful of devoted readers but the reason I began this blog has passed away. The remaining readers have a more varied interest in me: old friends, relatives, fellow bloggers, fellow spinners, etc. I'll keep going for you but don't expect a new post for a while.

My wonderful gardener turned up last weekend and did some more weeding, planted beans, and put stakes up for the peas. I've gotten a few meals of asparagus although the bed is full of couch (weed grass). My apple trees are blooming so I hope I get a decent crop (like 6).


Jan said...

As I said before, I hope all goes well and healing is quick and complete.

Fresh asparagus from the garden must be a real treat. I've been getting some in my fruit and vege box for a few weeks now and eat a lot of it while it's in good condition. I've also had very fresh, young beetroot.

If I were you, I think I would be mentioning your normal medication to all and sundry as soon as possible in hospital on the ground that it's the squeaky gate which gets the oil. I don't like making fusses myself, but sometimes it's really the only way to ensure you get what you need.

My son who has had two major ankle reconstructions this year after falling down concrete stairs at work just before last Christmas, now has a herniated disc and faces a back operation. Now he can move more after ankles' recovery, he has discovered the other damage.

Jan said...

Meant to add: Noro has the same effect on my hands where there are nasty bumps and twists from arthritis. I've used it several times but no more. It also isn't pleasant to actually knit. It's coarse. The last time was a hat for DIL. Very expensive/skein and about a dozen knots in each. Along with the soreness, the knots were too much for me. Hat looked great but never again. The beautiful colours were not worth the trouble and expense.

Tim Reed said...

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