Monday, August 08, 2011

At right is the latest pair or socks, completed last night during the Masterchef finale. I have to admit I was glad Kate won and hope she continues to grow as a chef. I'm not worried about Michael or any of the other finalists because they will get opportunities without actually winning. I have been so frustrated at not being able to cook while they were creating marvelous dishes. Don't think I'll add a cooler of liquid nitrogen or a paint sprayer to my kitchen, but I have bought a mandoline.

Earlier this year I posted that I was considering moving back to the US when I turn 65. Waffling back the other way, now I think I won't. This medical adventure has been a wake-up call to me to reinforce how much quality and, most importantly, free medical care I have access to. Aside from the rather superficial trials of not having a private room with all associated conveniences, I got excellent medical care in The Canberra Hospital. Sure there were some not so nice nurses, but that is the nastiest thing I can say about it (aside from the appalling food). I shudder to think how this would have played out in the US, much less how much 5 weeks in-patient and now 4 months out-patient care would have cost me. Besides the medical side of this, I like my house and once I get more renovating done I can close off a guest suite and use the rest of the house for my own devices. I was going to have to put in a new kitchen anyway before I sold it, so now I'll remodel it for my tastes and needs. I now also know that I have one friend I can totally rely on through thick and thin so I don't feel quite so alone. The thought of all I'd have to do to move was beginning to really oppress me so I feel somewhat relieved. I could easily change my mind again but now I'm enjoying the wattle in bloom and looking forward to the Swans getting through the season in one piece.

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Jan said...

I know it's not my business really, but this seems a very sensible decision. When you first mentioned it, my mind reeled at the potential medical bills there. I've just moved to a place of my own after three years of living with eldest son and his wife. ( I left an increasingly abusive marriage after 40 years. Not physical, but that was more good management than anything else, teacher training does that, but many other kinds of abuse). I would prefer a house but money ran to an apartment with some over. Like you, I'm now thinking of ways to male life more comfortable and convenient. I'm not wealthy but have enough to redo kitchen etc.

Perhaps when things look up in USA, your friends may be able to come and stay in your guest suite.

Hope that leg really heals soon for you.