Friday, June 03, 2011

I can't remember whether I have explicitly posted in my blog that I am contemplating a life-changing move in the not-too-distant future. Some of my readers I'm sure know, but other may not. I am considering moving back to the US when I turn 65 and am eligible for Medicare there. I waffle back and forth about this, being sure one day and very uncertain another. There are monetary pros and cons, leaving some good friends behind for the sake of other friends who go back much further into my past. Every time I go back to the US it's like slipping on a pair of comfortable shoes or gloves. Even tho I hate the climate, it seems natural. I don't have to explain our electoral system or educational system, or wonder if I'm going to say something stupid. And I wouldn't have possums in the roof again.

Despite living in Australia for coming on 20 years, I still am acutely aware that I am not a true Aussie. I don't have the emotional/cultural link that makes people sing "Waltzing Matilda" or naturally go solemn about ANZAC Day. I love the country and the people but I know I don't really belong and, when I lost the Bear I lost my anchor. While I do understand their electoral system and educational system, I think the US version is better. I like the climate, but I'd love to be able to garden the way I want to, which is impossible in Canberra soil. If I go back the blog will die, at least in this form. It will be easier to phone friends than blog. And I hope to be nearer some of those friends that this blog has been aimed at. I'd like to have this settled before my brothers shuffle off. My biggest concern is relocating the Imp, but I expect she's tougher than I think she is.

With the US economy and especially housing market in the doldrums, my Canberra house bubble will serve me well. But there are all those hidden expenses lurking and I certainly don't have the house in sale-worthy condition yet. Need both knees to function and some cash to flow for that The recent encounter with the Australian public health system has been enlightening if the worst I can complain about is the food and the occasionally cranky nurse. Would I get the same in the US for no out-of-pocket expenses? Can I live with footy only on the internet? I know the Chapel Gull Handweavers Guild just turned 50 years old so there's a community to join.

But still weighing pros and cons is hard. If any of my stateside friends were waiting to come over here for a visit, I encourage you to get planning because I may not be here forever.

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