Thursday, July 03, 2008

Two photos of me from behind. One to show off my hair, which I am exceedingly proud of. My hairdresser always marvels at how healthy it is, considering all the drugs flowing through my system. I am going grey, but it's happening in streaks so one could think it's highlights, but it ain't. It's so slippery I cannot keep a hairclip of any sort in it; they all fall out almost immediately.

At right is the hat I've been slaving over. I am also proud of that considering it's my first stranded colour work.Others on Ravelry say theirs are too big but I have a big head and it fits fine. Very warm as well.

I am now stuck between projects. I wanted to knit something out of handspun but the stuff I pulled out is not suited for what I want to knit and I can't find a pattern anyway. Maybe I'll go back to the project I was going to knit anyway, which is a cabled cardigan out of grey superwash for wearing round the house and out and about. J and I are off to Victoria for the wool show and other delights next week and I'd like to have something other than socks to knit. I am spinning alpaca so I can take a skein to BFLB when I go to see her in November.

My working in the garden and the joy and satisfaction it gives me have made me decide to stay in this house until I retire at least. I feel more confident A.L. (after Lyrica) that I can do the work required and there's something about working with plants that I find very Zen. I am going to pick up 2 more apple trees at Diggers, having decided the apples are OK. These are dwarf heirloom varieties and the fruit bat in me is happy.

Today's family tree find was my great-great-grandmother on the Canadian 1851 census. Her place of birth is given as USA but her husband, Joseph Stanton, said Canadian. He was a farmer and my great-grandmother was there at 10 years. My mother's side of the family seemed to hop across between the US and Canada a lot which makes them doubly hard to trace.

We are not mentioning the passage of the first of July. It was difficult and I felt very fragile all tad but it's over with moderate tears. J came over to keep me company and we ate pizza and planned our holiday. I dread thinking about the price of petrol to drive the Camry there, but I guess there's no escaping it. At least it has a big boot.

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Jan said...

That hat is beautiful. Well done. A good choice for a Canberra winter.