Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yeah, I know. Another week. First off may I say the word that dominated this morning. Pain. I knew exactly why since when I woke up my quads (the muscles down the front of one's thighs) were rock hard and as clenched hard as they could be. Normal meds did nothing. I tried an extra dose of Neurontin, and was then able to get enough sensation besides the P-word so I could do my muscle relaxation routine which eventually gave me back my legs. Why were my quads complaining? Usually has to do with being on my feet too much but I can't say what really was that much. I think I am feeling what the lack of having a second person has done to my life. No more errands he runs; I have to do them all from grocery shopping to picking up the cats' Science diet cat food to going to the post office, etc. Inside there is no back of pair of hand to hand me what's on the other counter or bring me the tape measure or help by vacuuming etc. If it gets done, I have to do it. Yesterday all I did was bring the cheque book up to date, pay some bills on line, complete filling out my tax form (online) and get his ready to send to his accountant. That and the stuff like laundry. I took a nap from 5 till 8 and then watched some DVDs. So why do my legs hurt so much? If this much activity make this much pain I am in big trouble and I may be forced to down-size this house because walking around in it tires me out.

The exciting news is my loom arrived! I was sitting in my counsellor's waiting room when my mobile rang (and nobody ever rings me). It was the movers telling me they were 90 minutes away at 4 PM. The storage place closes at 6PM. Much frantic ringing around, J and I stuffing Krispy Kremes in for sustenance and recruited an extra body to lift and we all got the the right place to unload and take possession of my loom. It obviously hasn't been used recently but it has a label on it saying it was made in 2001. 45" weaving width, 8 shafts and 10 treadles. Many broken ties and the heddles are linen not Texsolv (rats). There are lots of extra heddles. There is an 8 dent reed on the loom and a very rusty either 10 or 12 dent reed as well. There are 2 warping beams, and you can wind on the cloth beam from the front without having to release the back. It was sort of in the process of weaving but the cloth had been cut and the warp tied off (looks like knitting yarn). I pulled the whole thing off so I could see what was what. Some shafts had come undone (it would have helped if the seller had secured them in some way) but I got the all back together which would have been infinitely easier with a second person on the other side. The tie ups are all a mess as many had come undone because the plastic buttons that help them link to the treadles had disappeared. There is a big bag of those and more cords of various sorts. I can see where glue has been added to bolts and I hope we can undo that. There are also a lot of rusty bolts in need of WD40 or something to get them undone. Even though it's been neglected for a few years I am sure it will weave beautiful things in the future.

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metal and knit said...

I keep blaming my pain and discomfort on the ever changing weather. Even I wok today in a rather bad way so it must be something silly like the weather.