Saturday, September 02, 2006

We may have created a monster. The Imp, seen here with her current favourite toy, a gold twist-tie, was held down while all her nails were clipped, since we were both getting tired of being shredded in passing. Then we held her down and put the collar and leash on her and took her for a stroll in the back yard. She did nothing much except sniff things, eat grass (what is it with cats & grass?) and wander around. She wanted to visit the scrap of wasteland that is the corridor between our house and the one next door which is all of about 8' wide, I assume because that's what my bedroom window looks at. When she was gathering herself to jump over the fence, I picked her up and brought her back around to the main backyard. More wandering, sniffing, tasting things (do NOT eat ivy), having ants run up her legs but no excitement shown nor particular interest in anything. So she was eventually gathered up and brought inside. Whence began lurking at the backdoor and howling. For a long time. I never knew she could make such noise as it has been single yowls to this point. I think it's one of those cases of "I can't have it, so therefore I want it."

Today in the mail I got a box of Philosopher's Wool from the Neverending Yarn that I ordered when they were having a sale. I figure, I've got the book, I've got the wool so I should be able to produce one of their sweaters. No it's not the finest Shetland but when I calculated costs of buying wool to make a colourwork jumper it all came out to be more than I can afford. I got this for half price because it was odds and ends. I will spin some of the white wool in the stash sport weight once I figure out I can do this. If Knitpicks would only ship overseas...

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